Sheriffs Office

Jason –

Victim Location 38501

Type of a scam Phishing

This man called saying he was a lieutenant John Stone from the sheriffs dept. he said that I missed a court date in December and I had fines to pay. He also has reached out to other realtors in my area telling them that they had missed jury duty and had several fines that they were going to have to pay.

Matthew –

Victim Location 84049

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

On Nov. 17, I received a call from Mike Harris, identifying himself as a Sheriff. He stated that in September I was sent a summons to appear in court. (I knew I had not received a summons.) He further said that since I did not appear in court on November 12, the Judge issued two warrants — one for Failure to Appear and one for Contempt of Court. He said I would need to come to his office on 3595 South 900 West to satisfy these warrants. If I did not take care of these today, then I would be apprehended. I recently had surgery and asked if my husband (Mike) could appear on my behalf. He said Mike would need to call him from his cell phone when he was leaving our house. I told Mike to call Mike Harris from his cell phone. I then called the Salt Lake County Offices to report this call. The person I talked with informed me that the call was a scam and that they would never contact anyone via phone to serve or collect on warrants. Mike was talking to the "Sheriff" who told him he would need to bring $1,000.00 cash to clear these warrants. I asked Mike to hang up as it was a scam.

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