Marisa –

Victim Location 08057

Type of a scam Romance

This individual – sheMaryAsante – I met on a dating site, I started out on that site to meet new people.

This individual and I exchanged email addresses.

In the next few days, I started receiving ongoing, consistent emails from "SheMaryAsante." The individual claimed to be from Ghana, a town near Accra. He/She claimed to be living in a large town called Pokuase, which is just outside Accra. The individual even emailed a long message with lots of demographic information about the country.

Thinking I had made a new contact and friend, I began chatting via google chats. Each time we chatted, SheMary Asante asked personal questions, and was very admiring in her remarks, which conned me into thinking I was beginning a relationship with someone. I am now aware that I was manipulated and scammed by this user. Be extremely careful. The requests begin very innocently, for example, send me a photo of yourself, and in exchange, the scammer sends a fake image of a model found online. In my case, the requests for photos went back and forth several times.

However, this scammer becomes very close and madly in love within the second / third email message. That was initially a RED FLAG. On top of that, the scammer began telling me that "I was her destiny" and "the future was only me." I knew those lines to be further RED flags. Finally, at the suggestion from some of my friends, I downloaded an APP, called Revere Image Google Search. I then Google searched some of the photos/images the scammer had sent. It turned out the photos had been stolen from a mode (Julia) web-site.

I read some other messages about scammers and realized this is DEFINITELY A HOAX.

BEWARE of a contact by the address "SheMary Asante"/[email protected] Also beware of information saying from Ghana, and that she lives with her mother and has one son, and works in cosmetics.

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