Shazir Mucklai – Imperium PR 2 Reviews - Shazir Mucklai – Imperium PR 2 Scam or Legit

Antonio – Oct 17, 2020

Imperium is scamming people of hundreds of thousands of dollars !

Omar – Oct 20, 2020

Hes broke tbh so prob just thousands. How does he find you? Insta?

Misty – Oct 15, 2020

The worst human possible, wouldn’t trust him for anything. He is a scammer, a dirty player and an [censored]ic mogul wanna be. You are going to be exposed.

Sean – Oct 20, 2020

He already has been. He takes photos in sets in LA pretending to be on private jets, don’t get it twisted. Hes broke lol.

Influencers Exposed for Posting Fake Private Jet Photos

Katherine – Sep 19, 2020

I cant believe he hacked the page and erased the reviews lol

Michael – Sep 18, 2020

No reason? You are a scammer! We gave you chances to redeem yourself by paying back all your money you stole and illegally borrowed from innocent working people

Leslie – Sep 17, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Scammer! He found a way to erase these posts. Don’t worry, I’m going to create a website to expose him!

Lauren – Sep 18, 2020

Leave me alone. I’m begging you. Please leave me alone. If you create a fake website I will find out who you are and litigate you extensively in court. Leave me alone. Stop this. If you have a concern mesage me privately. I have done nothing wrong, never will. You are coming after me for no reason.

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