Shanise Jones

Christine –

Victim Location 46175

Total money lost $1,250

Type of a scam Romance

I was friend requested. We started talking and got into relationships. I was told about their bad experience with girlfriend of ten years. The conversation quickly turned to me . I live rural and help my Mom out. I work at a stable. It quickly turned to how beautiful I was and then did I want to be their one and only. I received several daily texts and then the phone calls. Suddenly no phone calls or texts. The excuse was no money for phone bill they lost their job. Then they were homeless depending on friends to sleep on couches wherever. They really wanted to move closer to me but needed the money to fix car etc. so I started to send a $100. Then they got a job and of course got fired no fault of their own. So I sent more . My Mother was noticing my phone use and kept asking had I met this person. I said no I wanted to and they were planning on coming to visit me. She offered to drive me to meet them. She finally asked about me sending money. I lied and said no. Finally she looked at my phone and read my messages and then she came unglued. She is very disappointed in me. I told her I’m very lonely and she knows their aren’t many people in the area like me as I am gay/lesbian. I also do not have DL never have. So she basically has to take me wherever I need or want to go. I asked my friend to drive me to Walmart to buy things so I could send Money Grams without my mother knowing. She is very intuitive. I wish she would have looked into it sooner.

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