Krystal –

Victim Location 33015

Type of a scam Employment

This is what they offer

Dear Katheryn,

On behalf of Shamphal Management it is my pleasure to offer you the position of Administrative Assistant (Fulltime/Permanent). Please note that this letter is not to be considered a binding contract and employment is at will. It serves as an outline of what the Company is presently offering you as a Shamphal Management employee. Statistics show that a resume and interview do not guarantee a successful employee, especially in Event Management Field.

I would like to reiterate from the previous e-mail that our company is expanding and opening a new office in the downtown area. This office is where you will be stationed for work. We will be opening the new office in two weeks from now. Your required duties will be assigned before the official opening of the new office. Our objective at hand is for you to provide assistance as necessary in our transition for two weeks, 14th of November 2018 is the date the satellite office will be ready for business. On this day, we will go over your training and orientation.

Learn more about US www shamphalmanagement com

Your starting salary is:

Hourly: 31.25,

Weekly: 1,250,

Bi-Weekly: 2,500,

Annually: 65,000

Vacation time is paid in 3-week increments.

Benefits are included, and bonuses are paid annually.

Office hours are from 9am to 5pm, Monday-Friday.

A laptop and disc containing the company’s platform (software) will be provided to you along with company software ensuring effectiveness in your assigned tasks. All assigned tasks are to be reported when completed.

Our Finance will be sending a check/cheque to you by mail to help with obtaining office supplies and stationery for office set up. Please confirm this email with your full details (including name) to address laptop and disc when sending it.

• Full legal name for the check/cheque

• Complete mailing address (with Unit # if applicable)

• Direct cell phone number (Not landline)

After replying with the details requested, I will call you within the next 24 hours working day to touch base with you and also to answer any question you may have. My suggestion would be to reply email with requested information and let me get back to you at a less busy business hour.


Joseph ***

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