Seterus – acting as

James –

Victim Location 56438

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call on 10/23/15 from phone #866.570.5277 and was unable to answer it. I called the number back and was answered by a computer prompt that identified themselves as "Seterrus" stating that they had bought my bank loan and are now going to serve it. The call led me on through prompts. I did not give any info as I was not aware of my loan being sold. I prompted to get an operator. When the call was answered it was instantly disconnected. I contacted my bank and was assured that the loan was not sold. They felt the call was some type of scam. Today, 11/03/15, I received a call on behalf of my significant other. Today, I had a live person talking to me. She was very rude and insisted that I put my S/O on the phone. She adamantly wanted to know who I was. She stated she needed to talk to the person on the account. I advised her that I was currently at work and that she should call after hours. (At that time, I thought the call was from my S/O’s loan servicer. Also, my phone number or personal information is in no way affliated with my S/O’s home loan—this too, did not fit.) Since the woman had mentioned "Seterus", I became suspicious and decided to return a call to the number. Interestingly enough, I received the same voice mail and prompts that I had received on 10/23/15. Today, when I prompted the phone to an operator, a person answered. It appeared to be the exact voice of the person that had just called me. She wanted to know my account number and Social Security number. I advised her that I new who she was as I had recently talked to her, informing her that she was being fraudulent and harassing and that I was going to report her to the At that time, any professionalism was removed from her voice, and she stated "okay" sheepishly followed by hanging up on me. I compared the number that I received today with that on the 23rd. They were the same. Later today, I received another call from this same number. When I answered, they hung up. If you need further information please feel free to contact me. Thank You.

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