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Victim Location 54868

Type of a scam Employment

I received an invite on linkedin & accepted it. Mystery shopper link & then filled out my info. Then I received a text from (413) 497-2291 confirming my address and that my 1st assignment would be arriving via FedEx. When received the letter indicates to text the same number for further instructions. The letter states:

Attn: Prospective Mystery Shopper,

Service Measure is a leading Brand Audit and quality check provider. We supply brand audits and retail audits for prestige businesses and premium brands. The merits of this exercise are in the survey itself and provide you the opportunity to valuable and sensitive information on that helps with business development and first-hand consumer experience. This envelope contains a check of $2450.00. You are required to deposit the check at your bank, and funds will be available the following day, but you can go ahead with the task after check has been deposited.

Assignment Instruction

You will be evaluating a local APPLE STORE in your city. Our check covers all expenses. Evaluation, shopping taxes, and your compensation of $250.00 for completing this survey, Purchase the below items from an Apple store in your city.

Specifications to Purchase

ITEM 1: Apple store gift card – $1,200.00

ITEM 2: Apple store gift card – $1,000.00

Below is the Expenditure Breakdown

Amount Received: $2450.00

Gift card(s) : $1200.00 & 1100.00

Salary: $250.00

Whilst conducting an assignment always remember that you are incognito, so you cannot use notepads in, or within sight of the location, and do not draw attention to yourself.

Please send a text to (413) 497-2291 immediately you receive this package, for further instructions on how to complete assignment. You might be using the purchased cards to shop at the same apple store during your second task.

Benjamin Hartfold PH.D Survey Evaluation Co-ordinator

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