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Type of a scam Employment

Dear xxx xxxx,

we received your information along with the

> weekly mailing of job seekers Thank you for

> responding to our job offer. We have reviewed and approved your

> application for the desire to work in our company. Our congratulations

> to you!

> We see you as a perfect candidate to fill the position and would like

> to offer you an employment opportunity with Sensible Lender Limited as

> a Customer Service Representative. Unfortunately, the position of

> Accounting Clerk is no longer available.

> If you are interested in applying for this position, please be sure to

> perform the following steps:

> 1. Read the information disclosed on our website carefully. 2. Please

> reply to this e-mail within 3 business days, whilst the vacancy is

> open and we will follow up by sending you detailed information about

> this job offer.

> The approved candidates will be taken through quick training and

> obtain skills and knowledge required for the work. We are going to

> provide you with the detailed instructions on your job

> responsibilities and are confident that you will successfully cope

> with the work. We increase our presence and client base in Canada and

> will soon open our office in your area where you are going to work

> later.

> Our company is headquartered in New York, United States, but you will

> not have to travel there during the employment. You will work locally

> in your city of residence after passing the employment process!

> (Completing the Employee Form and signing the Employment Contract with

> Sensible Lender Limited). We made the process of employment as easy as

> Possible, so you can pass it quickly by e-mailing the necessary

> paperwork.

> If you have any questions or concerns regarding this job offer or need

> further assistance. Please contact us and we will try to address all

> of them in a timely manner. We are glad that you are interested in

> joining our team and look forward to hearing from you.

> Kindest regards,

> Mrs. Diana Norman (Senior Manager)

> Sensible Lender Limited

> Phone: +1 (929) 265-5020

> Phone: +1 (888) 272-1622

> Skype: live:sensiblelender

> Skype: live:sensible.lender

> Website:

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