Sensational Beagle Puppies Reviews - Sensational Beagle Puppies Scam or Legit

Valerie –

Victim Location 75036

Total money lost $503

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My husband and I have been looking for a beagle puppy for a while now and decided now was the time to adopt. We googled beagle breeders and found the sensational puppies website. We reviewed the website and photos of the available puppies and then proceeded to contact via the website. I received an email with the puppy information, age, name, temperament etc. After reviewing the information I decided we would purchase a puppy. I responded to their email advising we would like to adopt and expressed my hesitation about purchasing a puppy online. They text me late a night, which I did not respond. Instead I waited until the following morning and responded via email again expressing how we need to ensure we will receive the puppy. I received another email advising not to worry they only need a deposit and the remaining payment will be sent after we receive the puppy. They began texting me and a guy called and stated we can send payment via western union. In initially refused and requested to use paypal.. Well I kept receiving error messages and then agreed to use western union, downloaded the app and sent the funds.. (stupid me) A screen shot of the transaction was sent via text per their request and they picked up the money and stated they would contact me with the shipping information. I didn’t receive a response until I initiated contact the following morning. They advised the puppy had been picked up from the shipping company and I should receive an email with the information. I advised I have not received and email and they sent a text asking to check my spam.. The email was there stating she had been picked up and to review the information below and confirm correct and reply with yes. The information was incorrect, the puppy name was wrong, there was an additional name with the receiving information, I advised it was incorrect and when I replied back to that email. Then the "breeders" sent me a text and asked if I have received the flight info. I responded no. They sent me a link via text and a tracking number. The link was for a fake shipping company. I tried to call the contact number listed on the fake site and it went to a google answering machine. I told the breeder I wanted the flight information and delivery time. I later spoke to the real company and they advised they receive calls all day long and told me to report to IPATA. The "breeder" proceeded to call and text me asking if I have received the flight information and I said no, then would get a confirmation without the flight info saying she had been shipped. A few mins later after I spoke to the correct shipping company I sent a text to the "breeder" and asked for the airline carrier, and flight number. He called me and then said she was not shipped that they have been waiting on me for more money for shipping. I refused and said per our initial agreement they would receive the remaining funds after I have received the puppy. He yelled and argued stating I don’t care about the puppy and I asked for a refund and he disconnected.

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