Senior Alert?

Bruce –

Victim Location 48017

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

This is an automated call at first. I have blocked their number each time, which has caused them to call me back from a similar number… about 11 times today. On my business cell phone. I finally said yes, I was interested so it would get me to a real person. I asked him the name of the business (3 times, mumbled what I could make out as Senior Alert) and the location. He asked me what that had to do with anything. I explained that I have been blocking the number and I don’t want these calls anymore. He in turn replied, well maybe you need to stop blocking so many numbers and (Profanity)   I was not scammed, but what legitimate business doesn’t give up their company name (until asked 3 times and half mumbles it) or tells a consumer what city they are in? They were talking about medical alter bracelets, so I hope our senior community doesn’t get hurt by whoever this is. Just wanted to bring it to someones attention.

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