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Shanna – May 28, 2020

Victim Location 93030

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Other

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Message: Just saw a segment in regards to puppy scam. I wanted to add to the story if possible. I also tried the local shelters and short one dogs/puppies some shelters not open and one shelter is a lottery. Several families for one dog servers times leaving shelter empty handed. Saw a post on Craigslist selling puppies. Seller sent a picture of the puppy said 8 weeks old received their first shots. Took my kids from Oxnard to Riverside to an address where we meet him in a parking lot. The address seemed legit until pulling in. I called the seller and said where do I go it’s a parking lot he said that is where we are meeting. I was kinda shocked but with covid I thought maybe that is why. So I paid cash for him took him home. He said he couldn’t give me a copy of the shot record because he only had one for all the puppies he had. Another red flag. He said he was eating regular wet food and dry food. I got the same food he supposedly gave him and he the puppy ate it. The next day he didn’t eat still. I took him to his first appointment for the vet they esohim to be 3 or 4 weeks old. He had no teeth to eat. Recommend me to bottle feed him every 2 hours and keep him warm. The vets office said it is illegal to sale a puppy before 8 weeks. I reached out to the seller never answered his phone texted finally saying puppy was 8 weeks and eating just fine. As I told him it’s illegal to sale a puppy that young he hung up on me. He said he would exchange the puppy for a different one or give the puppy back to him for half my money back. I would never ever give him back the puppy. He ended up having worms. Just wanted to warn people about this. I contacted the Riverside cops but without his personal information they can’t do anything. I have missed a lot of work because of trying to take care of a such small baby dog. He said this was his last one. But had more coming available soon.

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