Javier –

Victim Location 20155

Type of a scam Other

Selaros is advertising aggressively on Facebook. Showing very attractive wardrobe items, describing as made of wool, latest fashion etc.

After placing my order i realized it was a scam, and tried to cancel. I ws contacted by someone who told me it is impossible to cancel without restocking fee and /or shipping charges.

I took this case with pay pal, as I haven’t received any items after 30 days. When I requested a delivery estimate date, the so called “customer service “ wasn’t able to give me any date.

Today, I received a package with two item, that are bot even the items I ordered. The so called coat is a jacket made of shiny poliester, sown crooked way and looking just miserably.The dress is also crooked and badly made, looks wrong and pitiful. Fabric is cheap, unpleasant to touch.No invoice or any message inside, but i got the above address from the envelope. I want to warn any future customers not to buy anything, as the items on pictures are totally different, made of different fabric, and made to look unacceptable.I am not sure if I can say “I was victimized” but rather I was targeted, as much as millions on Facebook, but I managed to get my money back by opening a dispute case on PayPal.

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