SEDA Reviews - SEDA Scam or Legit

Allen – Mar 11, 2020

Victim Location 36701

Type of a scam Government Grant

I got a msg from my friend *** *** asking if I claimed my SEDA I asked what it was

State Economics Development Association she said she won 75,000 and she saw my name on list, asked did I want the number of her agent

*** ***r at 669-228-9232

To text him

I did he asked for my address and I gave it

He said my name on list and I’d need to fill out forms

I asked my friend what was her daughters name….she gave it

I asked the guy if he was scamming me or was he a Christian man trying to help

….no answer

Just now I said are you ready to give me money and

He’s ready……..

Andrea – Feb 27, 2020

Victim Location 37311

Type of a scam Government Grant

A facebook friend of my Aunt’s contacted her with news of a special governmental grant for housewives if you contact an ‘agent’ via text. She did so and they replied with a very fake sounding name (George Frank) and that they worked for a program called SEDA and could provide her with a grant if she gave them information like name, age, occupation, mother’s maiden name, etc. She provided everything they asked except the id because she isn’t good with technology, and asked me for help. I put a stop to it, blocked the number and facebook friend that sent her the information.

Jaclyn –

Victim Location 49006

Type of a scam Government Grant

Contacted by a friend via Facebook messenger. She asked how I was doing. She told me that she won $150,000 in a drawing. She couldn’t believe that I hadn’t been contacted as I was next on the list. She wanted to give her agent my contact info. Since I didn’t respond, then she gave me her agent’s info: Agent Wesley Thomas.

Jonathan –

Victim Location 61611

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a text message from a friend who said she received $50,000 from SEDA, which was hand delivered to her door. She asked if I had received my check since it was #38 on their list. I thought this was suspicious, but I pursued it – I’ve "played" with scammers before. So, they started off by general questions, then more specifics – like address, cell phone – which they had!! So, then I checked the BBB website & found this organization is a scam. I called my friend & she never received any money & had been hacked in other ways also. SO, I replied to the number, who was starting to be pushy, that my friend did NOT receive any money & I was reporting them to the BBB. NO FURTHER RESPONSES RECEIVED.

Shawn –

Victim Location 33436

Type of a scam Government Grant

Received a Messenger message from what I believed to be a friend asking if I was contacted about being randomly selected by the State Economics Development Administration (SEDA) financial assistance program. They are helping the Semi Retire, Retired, Widow, etc. I wrote back stating that it sounded like a scam. Then received a message back that it wasn’t a scam and they got $38,000 and that they saw my name on this list also. At that time I just didn’t write back but the next day received a message that I should contact the agent Mike Horgan at (407)906-8193 to check to see if my name was on the list still. I was gullible and called and it ended up being voice mail. Left a message that my friend stated that I should check. About a minute later received a text message. Yes indeed I was still on the list. They needed information, name, email, birth date, etc. I then received a return message that I would receive $40,000. Then the next message received was that I would have to pay now $100 shipping, $100 insurance, $350 taxation. Thinking this didn’t sound right decided to actually call my friend which I wish I would have done from the beginning. I learned that they had received a virus on their computer and haven’t been on Facebook for awhile. Of course they felt bad about it. So I didn’t respond. Then received another message asking if I was still there and I replied no as I just realized that it was a scam.

Eduardo –

Victim Location 06475

Type of a scam Government Grant

Free government grant money 30,0000 saw your name on the list next to mine

Linda –

Victim Location 63020

Type of a scam Government Grant

I learned from a friend that she received $48,000 from the State Economic Development Association. She said that my name was on the list also.

Gerald –

Victim Location 43804

Type of a scam Government Grant

An acquaintance of mine contacted me to say she had just been given $40,000 from a branch of the EDA, SEDA, and that she saw my name on the list of people SEDA had money for. She urged me repeatedly to text my name to 720-627-8368. I did not, but I did send a text asking for name and purpose of phone contact. Bernice Walker, claim agent for SEDA, said the government was randonly awarding prizes to citizens and that I needed to text my name to see if I was on the list. I did not, yet I was still told I was to be given $58,000 upon supplying a lot of info by text to the number. I then blocked that number and have begun to alert various agencies. I suspect my acquaintance of being in on it, since she keeps sending me messages wanting to know if I’ve gotten my money yet.

Jill –

Victim Location 76664

Type of a scam Government Grant

Got a message from someone on Facebook about winning a grant from SEDA

Told me to text this number

Asked me weird questions, then told me I won 150,000 all I had to do to get the money was wire him 765

Latasha –

Victim Location 53222

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

My friend called me and told me that a company called "SEDA" was offering $50,000 for disabled people. Since I am disabled and unable to work (with a yearly income of about $11k), I asked her how I could apply. I was told to text the company with my interest at 203-357-5967. I did and very quickly received a reply text saying "Congratulations, your name was chosen among many others to receive $50,000." I replied "How do I receive it?" They gave me a choice of cash, check, etc. and I texted "check." Then, they wrote back asking me for a lot of personal information and asked me to include a picture ID issued by the government. That is when I got nervous and called the to question this. Doing a reverse check on the phone number, it is a Stamford, CT area code and the number is VoIP. I think this is a scam. I do not give out personal information to anyone.

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