SecurelynQ/ ALL Desk LLC Reviews - SecurelynQ/ ALL Desk LLC Scam or Legit

Katherine – May 14, 2020

Claimed to fix a computer issue. Charged $322.18. The next month they accessed all of our credit card and bank accounts. Made 3 to 4 thousand dollar automatic payments from our checking account to our credit cards, then before the payments could bounce, the made fraudulent charges on the credit card by purchasing 4 and 500 dollar gift cards, they repeated this scenerio 4 times with different bank accounts. The credit card holder shows a different email was added to the account for account, but cannot give us the e-mail address due to their privacy policies. We are retired with fixed incomes, and very other little part time income. This is frustrating beyond measure. We hope the police are able to find these crooks, and stop them from doing this to other people.

Summer –

Victim Location 14224

Total money lost $999.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received another unsolicited phone call. This was in addition to another tech company I have been avoiding for months. The first company threatened to call a lawyer if I didn’t pay 999.99. I have never used any of their services. Their name is Micronet Technology LLC. I did not pay any money. They are calling many times every day.

The latest scam is SecureLynQ/All Desk LLc. It was basically the same pitch. The problem is I sent a money order for $999.00 for a 3 year tech support contract. They told me the Micronet Technology was a scam. I did not realize their company is also a scam. I don’t have $999.99 to pay this bogus bill. Their address is: ALL Desk LLC, 11601 Parsippany Ter, North Potomac, MD, USA 20878. Phone:1-833-899-1237 .

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