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Carla –

Victim Location 84070

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was send a text and had a phone call telling me I was approved for $30,000.00. When I started speaking to the man on the phone he had a very strong accent which made it difficult for me to understand him. I asked him to f I could please speak to someone who spoke better English, and he hung up on me. I checked for this company under google and could not find anything, so I checked the number he called me from which is different than what’s on their website, it is 415-251-4886. He told me he was calling from Florida but the number showed me it was from San Francisco, California. He also stated his name was Roy Weston, but the number is listed under a different persons name. I think whoever these people are that they are reaching out to seniors as myself to scam us by getting all of our information. I hope that the can find out before it’s too late.

Tyrone –

Victim Location 78660

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I filled out an online application and was contacted and told I was approved for a 2000 loan. Ibthen gave my personal information and signed a docu-sign they emailed. They deposited a 491.00 check but it was Friday and the bank held it…I assumed. Monday i was told my account was negative so i will have to wire transfer 99.93 and they would deposit my funds. Well it then changed to getting a google play card for 100, so I did and sent the code. They then said the code didnt work and they sometimes have trouble with Google play cards. So after being told sorry I was assured they would pay back the 100 for the inconvenience. Well they ended up depositing 3 more checks of 491.15 and said to pay the 750 in two gift cards and my loan funds would be deposited. Well after trying to pull the 750 out of my account at the bank, I was able to talk to someone. I was told the checks were fraudulent and they had to close my account. Well I never got my 100 back for the Google play card, but thank God my bank caught the checks and I wasnt able to pull out the money.

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