Section 8 housing Reviews - Section 8 housing Scam or Legit

Yolanda –

Victim Location 93422

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I signed up on this website, named SECTION 8 HOUSING because my LANDLORD just told me assuredly that one of his former tenants JUST signed up and GOT SECTION 8 through this (which turned out to be false, upon my telephone call to HASLO 805-543-4478, whom cnonfirmed that is IMPOSSIBLE since the list is CLOSED and not open to any new applicants since last fall of 2018.. Subsequently, I fell trap to a flase, all info-giving application The website; gives false instructions as to how to apply for section 8, low-income housing by creating an "on-line" application, to "see if you qualify". Sounds normal. This gives the consumer, based upon the site’s language, that you are, INDEED, filling out THE online application for section 8 housing; which, is NOT the case, as confirmed by my counties HASLO, which handles the VALID and SECURE application for section 8. Yet this site throws in enough use of words that it SEEMS as though you are APPLYING and that the SECTION * WAITING LIST is OPEN AGAIN, ALL ONE NEEDS DO IS APPLY…endlessly..for MORE information… on the above-mentioned sites, by giving out all your prized and personal information!. I fell into this trap, like a dummy…because it LOOKS so legitimate and is DESIGNED so well! They are asking all (most) of the pertinent questions, but DID NOT REDIRECT you to a SECURE website when doing sao, as HASLO does when you apply with the VALID APPLICATION. Now I receive text solitations from "SECTION 8 HOUSING", or "Carl (etc), from SECTION 8 HOUSING…" re zip recruiter job openings, how to by rent to own-homes…just fill out their app…, also a false site on how to fill out an application for HUD. Yet they do not give you any information until you give them YOUR INFORMATION, first. A LOT of information. In my OPINION, this site should be demanded taken down for FALSE REPRESENTATION for most people, including the average consumer, as now my information has gone to WHO KNOWS WHERE!! The text messages and emails DO give you thr option to OPT OUT or STOP…but what if I am waiting to hear back from my APPLICATION, and I CANCELL my ability to hear back from them?? (This beafore learning of their false representation. ISN’T FALSE REPRESENTATION against the law? I am now at least (3) three of many people who have fallen prey to this scam! THANK YOU, for taking the time to read this brief synopsis and hopefully help put an end to this site which uses identity theft tactics! THANK YOU so very much for your time on this matter which in I believe falls prey to many! …and HONESTLY, this SCARES me that "someone" has so much information that I volunteered via FALSE PRETENSE!! I would be grateful if there was a way to enusure receipt of my short synopsis! Thank you! 04-22-19

Nancy –

Victim Location 95111

Total money lost $1,800

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

My sep daughter was helping us look for a place to rent on section 8 housing web sight and she came across a house that was a rent to own house. And contacted the person.She said it was awesome and he said to call ASAP so we did and he then told me I needed to pay a deposit of 600 dollars and a first months rent of 1,200 dollars .We were so excited to even have gotten a chance to be a home buyer . So he said go to wellsfargo bank and deposit the money then he’ll send us keys. You see he don’t live here he lives in Georgia and works as a chevron manager. So we did he text us all his bank information . So I did then the next day he said his lawyer said I need to pay 6,800 dollars because it’s a rent to own home. We said no because the money we gave was all we had for the whole month . And he insist I still said no. Then he said he’ll accept 500.00 more and will give us the keys so we went to the home where he was renting and I knocked on the door and a lady answered I asked her if they were renting the home and she said yes but through a management company. For 3,500 a month. And she also said a mother couple came the day before and asked the same questions that I did. My husband was on the phone with the man and he told him not to go in the home because they were getting it ready for us to move in. My husband said people were living there and he said no. He hung up. Right away I went to the bank and told them they can’t give me my money back and they did take all information I gave. Get this he also gave me another bank account number but for chace bank I called them and they were so dumb. They didn’t want any info. He’s using several banks.

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