Secret Shopper Scam Business

Tracy –

Victim Location 74401

Type of a scam Employment

I answered an email to be a secret shopper in my area, and received a letter with a check for $2490 and it did clear my bank in about 16 hrs, my bank is the one that informed me that it was scam/fraud after sending a copy of the letter to their Fraud Department, I did put a credits only hold on my acct till I can go in tomorrow and close that acct and open a new one that’s the biggest headache of all !!! I didn’t think much of the transfers it was their money THANK GOODNESS, BUT when the moneygram was rejected and they wanted me to buy bitcoins then I new something was off, I was advised to stop conversing with them and I did I am not out any money like I said they sent me alot of money at least to me it is. It makes me think they are laundering money, that’s my thoughts… BEWARE

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