Seaside Appliance Repair Reviews - Seaside Appliance Repair Scam or Legit

Edwin –

Victim Location 23452

Total money lost $236.23

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Seaside Appliance also called Seaside Appliance Repair: Called for service, was very prompt and professional same day service. Ty came out to check our GE refrigerator (waterline/valve bypass and reservoir) of the house we were closing on (new homeowners moved in early so there were two sets of homeowners involved). He spoke with the new homeowners at the appointment Saturday – Sept. 21, 2019, said he would be back next week – never came back due to "car troubles". I hesitantly paid him after his first home visit because I would be going out of town and did not want to hold up closing over not paying a repair. I made another appointment with him to complete the repair (which was like pulling teeth) for Saturday – Sept. 29, 2019, between 11 am-8 pm. He charged my card and never showed. Hasn’t returned any of my 13 calls or 5 texts. Every time I try to call instead of voicemail I get "Call failed" and the phone hangs up. I tried calling off a different number – the same thing "call failed". I went with Ty for his 40 reviews which comprised a rating of 4.5 stars. I now know as soon as he makes his first visit (after pulling a front of friendly-faced, reliable customer service) he sends you a payment receipt with an opportunity to review attached. He gets his positive reviews before work is completed to mask all of the one-star reviews which read clearly "scam do not use" in hopes that nieve consumers such as myself will see a high Google rating and not think twice.

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