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Type of a scam Other advertises their services as "a provider of information gathered from publicly available data" and "allows you to conduct searches of various public records".

While they claim the service "does not create, verify, or guarantee the accuracy of such data; rather, receives its information from various sources, including Internet sites. It is not necessarily affiliated with or endorsed by these sources, or compensated by them"; furthermore, they state the information "may not always be accurate or complete".

They on go to explain (only in the Customer FAQ section) that "The preliminary search accesses people databases simply to verify that the person exists in the United States. This information is provided as reference material only. Search results obtained from the Preliminary Search may not match the search results obtained in the members area based on the same search parameters." However, despite this disclaimer, they -with every search across 14 record types- consistently and repeatedly display precisely the same list of names in the same order and with the same basic identifying details; the only deviation among these search is that the municipality or county name is followed by the entity where such information should exist were it factual (i.e., "x" county birth records, "x" city municipal court, "x" county bankruptcy records database, and so on).

The only identifying information is that which can be obtained across a myriad of online searches; this most basic information includes all individuals with the same first and last name in the state (or nationwide, depending on search parameters), age (which may or may not be accurate), and location (including current and/or past cities of residence), followed by the supposed "data source".

You can select only one individual report (even if the same individual appears multiple times within the same query) you see a notice that "Your search was successful", and you can proceed to purchase the full report for a charge of $2.95 and a "5 Day Unlimited Report Access included in your trial membership. If you choose to cancel your account within the trial period this is the only amount that you will be billed. Afterward you will be charged $19.95 per month until you contact customer support to cancel."

It is also noted that "After your initial purchase, you will receive a trial to’s public records searches. To cancel your subscription and your first recurring charge, contact within the trial period by (link provided on site)."

Nowhere on the site -even in the "Privacy" or "Terms and Conditions" sections is there a physical location, owner or other names, address (either physical or P.O. box) or any clearly identifying "company" details.

Should you wish inaccurate information to be removed, you must "Please print, fill out all the requested/mandatory information on the Data Removal Request Form available at opt_out_form.pdf" and "It may further help us locate the information you wish to be removed/withheld, if you provide us such details as the location of the data in question in a form of website/URL link."

Also, it is stated that "Although most information is usually removed or blocked permanently, we do not guarantee the information will not be available again in the future, as we are not in direct control of the information distributed and obtained from official public records/government or third party sources. It is for this reason that we recommend you contact the custodian of the original record to request it be removed or corrected."

I have completed multiple initial searches using my name (followed by those of family members), and each name appears on each and every search across the 14 "People" searches, as being positive results for report information. I selected the option to choose individual reports where I know FOR A FACT no information exists, and I nonetheless received the notification that "Your search was SUCCESSFUL. All you need to do is activate your account to unlock and view your report instantly." This was the case where no records exist, such as arrest, bankruptcy, court, criminal, death, marriage, divorce, warrants, and more.

Given that repeated result across different names, this is obviously a scam website, attempting to appear as legitimate via mention of The Freedom of Information Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. There are many scam and ripoff report sites across the Internet, where complaints have been made as to the fraudulent practices of this entity, yet it continues to operate.

If this is not a matter that the can somehow address or exert influence, please forward this to the appropriate entities, agencies, organizations, etc., who can.

Many thanks!

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