SCE Reviews - SCE Scam or Legit

Randy –

Victim Location 91789

Type of a scam Utility

The number above called our business in Walnut, CA and stated they were from SCE and our electricity was about to be shut off in an hour if we didn’t pay the 2 months payment of $***. When they called they spoke to our sales person and she contacted me.

I called the number and I got an SCE recording as if you were really calling the SCE. I pressed 2 I believe for payments and extensions and a man answered and stated If I paid with credit card or check over the phone, it would take 3 days to clear and since they are about to disconnect the service that I need to do money back at CVS. The man stated for me to go to CVS and get a credit card to add money to the card and send it to them. When he said that, that is when I knew this was a scam and I hung up and called the real SCE and reported their number.

Craig –

Victim Location 93230

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Caller advised had notice to disconnect power – upon request caller provided a reference number and contact telephone number. The telephone number plays a greeting that represents as local utility company. The representative asked for information and advised the disconnect was ordered due to non payment. He gave some convoluted story about digits and payment kicked back etc. Then said disconnect could be prevented by out making express payment. This prompted the final big red flag and I told him that ain’t going to happen. I called the local utility company who noted the incident on account and advised it was a fraudulent call trying to scam us for money.

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