Scam Card Services Visa MasterCard

Tracy –

Victim Location 39819

Type of a scam Credit Cards

My personal phone number is being used to contact people that I know. They have an app that they use to show my number on caller ID so people who know me will pick up. He identifies himself as a representative with Card Services Visa/MasterCard. He has contacted a coworker several times. My coworker picks up due to our work duties and need to communicate. My coworker, who is a law enforcement agent, and I have talked and looked at our phone records and have narrowed down to two numbers from where the spoofing/phishing originated…which are the numbers above. I answered one of those numbers the day before my number started being used in the scam calls. When the caller said nothing, I hung up. They called again the next day, but I did not pick up; soon afterwards, another strange number popped up…which is the second number listed above. Both numbers continued to call for several days in a row and finally quit. However, the scammer continues to use my number to trick people in answering and use my identity to cover their scam. 740-809-3720 and 352-210-3873

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