SC State Premier Processing

Joel –

Victim Location 29307

Total money lost $1,351.84

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A Vanessa from SC State Premier services called me on 8/29/16 and left a message that court papers would be sent on my behalf. She called m from a 1-803-369-8106, she asked me to call her back at another number at 1-855-274-1749. When I spoke with Vanessa she stated there as a 2 part fraud and criminal charges for the title 18 chapter 44 on my behalf. she said a sheriff will come to my home to work the next day by 1pm. The attorney office stated that they worked for was Lincoln Meditations the number was 1-407-845-9387. A woman named Ms. Watson stated there was a defrauding of final institution and a bad check (Class B felony). They informed me they mailed the information to an old address. Ms Watson stated stated the cash advance was taken out on 1/30/2013. The cost with banking fees, and attorney fees was $1,351.84. She then transferred me to a Kim for the payment. Kim stated the payment could be made by money grams sent to Legal Consultant Services Atlanta Georgia 30350, and receive code 15432, account # 18883765JC. Once i sent the money i was given a court release number to give to the Lincoln Meditations place. I never received anything in the mail that I paid or even had this debt. I put in a request with the they are unable to contact anyone. The same number from SC State premier called me yesterday 10/12/2016 stating the same charges. I would like this investigated because I didn’t feel things was right the first time. Please investigate this two company’s.

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