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Ruth –

Victim Location 89121

Type of a scam Employment

I made a profile on Career Builder on August 2019 since I was looking for a job, after that I started to receive emails of jobs that saw my resume and wanted to interview me, one of those offers was "SBA TransErvo" from their HR department ([email protected]), her name was Randa Cole. The job looked interesting since it was from home, and they seemed "legitimate" at the time. I applied and after 48 hours I received an invitation for an interview, I did the interview by phone and the person had a foreign accent, which I also have, so It was not weird for me. After the interview, HR (Randa Cole) called me the the following day saying that I was receiving a job offer as a storehouse operator, she also had a foreign accent which now it seemed weird but still went through with it unfortunately. They sent me the contract through email, I signed it and started to receive instructions on the new steps. I was given an assigned Manager called Sandra Fleming ([email protected]). She told me to fill out a W9 form with the Payroll department in charge of Ashley Bennett ([email protected]) so I could get paid by the end of the first month as a 1099 Misc. Sandra Fleming (my manager) started to send me training materials and gave me access to their tracking system called "Freight CRM". This system was now our point of contact and where I had to log in every day to see if any orders where heading to my house. They said the first month was going to be a probation period and that I was not going to be paid after a month of my first processed order which was August 15, 2019 so I was supposed to be paid on September 16, 2019. Packages started to arrive, I had to open them, take pictures of the label, and the inside content, re-package it and re-ship it to the address they would provide me through the CRM system with a prepaid shipping label. I processed a total of 6 orders from August 15, 2019- August 30, 2019. Today I received a visit from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police saying that a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was heading my way and that it was purchased with a stolen credit card by the company, I showed proof of all the paperwork from "SBA TransErvo" and they told me the company was a Fraud and that they were never going to pay me. They also told me to return all other incoming packages to the sender and that if they find out I still work for them I will get arrested. I am a victim now and my information and social security number are out there as well as a picture of me since they told me they needed one for a "badge". I hope this helps anyone out there in need of a job, I’ve only been living in the U.S. for three years and all of this was really new for me, now I know and hope I can find a solution to my situation.

This is their website:

Address: 222 W 6th St #502

San Pedro, CA 90731

Phone number: (800) 846-8175

PO Box: PO Box 291812

Phelan, CA 92329

Their tracking system:

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