Says IRS

Gerald –

Victim Location 35602

Type of a scam Tax Collection

My husband received a call from someone stating they were from the IRS and asked to speak to me. He said I was at work. The man said that he needed to speak to me because I owed them money in back taxes. He wouldn’t give my husband any more info so my husband asked to speak to a supervisor. He was transferred and that man said that we had to pay and when my husband asked for proof, the guy hung up on him. My husband called me and gave me the number to call. I called and they stated that we owed a total of over $12,000 due to incorrect tax filings from 08-13. When asked why we didn’t receive anything in the mail, the man hung up on me. They were obviously calling from an Indian call center. I tried to call back and the number automatically hangs up on us now. The number that called was 13032618688. I have received 2 messages on my voicemail since telling me to call the number. I call it and get a disconnected signal. Obviously a scam. Just wish they would stop calling the house now!

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