Say yes phone scam

Adriana –

Victim Location 32162

Type of a scam Other

Our cell phone rang it was a call from our previous hometown’s area code that we lived in so we answered. My husband answered and the women said you stayed at Marriott before and he handed the phone to me. My husband mentioned something about a free night stay.

The women then said our you over the age of 35 and I said yes and I said what is this in regards to. Next thing

the line was disconnected. I called the number back and a man answered I asked why did you just call my house

and he said he didn’t. I said is your wife there and I couldn’t understand him so I said forget it. But I know there is a scam about people saying yes over the phone. The phone number that called me was 401-301-1910. The call was received on Tuesday, March 21st @ approximatley 3:38 pm. The thing that concerns be is when I called back if they have calller ID they will know my name if they didn’t already. The other funny thing was I had just called the Marriott earlier that day but not that number. I am reporting this in case I have a scam problem about this in the future, such as identity theft or unwanted charges on our credit cards.

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