Savvy 2012

Molly –

Type of a scam Tech Support

This "business" is using stolen identities on their "About Us" page. The individuals on that page are actually members of another company in Canada, Block 64 Corporation. They have also stolen the same images for their other bogus site

Rose –

Victim Location 89012

Type of a scam Employment

Savvy 2012 initially offered me a job from, stating they were in need of a Junior QA Tester. They required me to send a $1070.00 transfer via their corporate account to an address in the Phillipines, via XOOM, stating that they were being employed by XOOM. I cancelled the transfer upon realizing the scam and realizing that their corporate bank account was likely fraudulent. Upon further investigation, I found that they had stolen images from to use as their "team leads". I have spoken with the president of Block 64 and found that their images and likelihoods were also being used on a site named Both and follow the same format, and use the same "Junior QA Tester" position to scam people. Their domains were registered via a John Twedt, who I have found no info on. I believe that both Savvy2012 and TQUALITYM are using employment scams to steal large amounts of money from their potential "employees". The scammer pressures you into making the transaction, tells you to pretend to be a customer, and if asked, claim to know the person to which you are transferring the money.

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