Eugene –

Victim Location 23842

Total money lost $1.95

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a post card in the mail saying that I had an unclaimed reward and was eligible for a free gift of $100.00 in gas from PetroCanada for being a good customer (which I had been). The card included a phone number and reference number. When I called the number I was given a sales pitch for an online shoppers savings club ( & (which I declined, but was charged for anyway), which came with a monthly subscription fee. I was required to give my credit card info to pay 3.90 for the cost of sending me an information package by postal mail.) Before I agreed to sign up I was very clear with the Agent, whose name I recorded, that the gas would be free and not require any purchase on my part. The rep said I would receive an email with a coupon I cold print out and take to any participating station to get the free gas, and that it would arrive in my email within 24-48 hours. What I did receive was an activation code to the website, where I could select a coupon, that would allow me to collect my gas receipts which I would then have to submit for a rebate. This was not how it was explained to, and I was very careful to make the determination with the representative.

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  1. They took $19.95 off my credit card without my authorization. Gave me a case number and a PIN number, then stopped answering the phone. Would not give my money back. I am disabled, they have taken advantage of me and who knows how many others.

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