Saving Josh Autism

Steve –

Victim Location 77581

Total money lost $100,000

Type of a scam Charity

One man is the suspected and evident ring leader of this scam. He uses homeless people to sell bottles of water and sports drinks at varies intersections in the Harris county area. They are seriously aggressive with their tactics and very rude. They take up the entire area and block the sidewalks completely and are very loud with their approach. I have talked with him personally on more than one occasion (as he has disrupted my own business and even attempted to steal away my workers from out from under my nose) and gotten bad vibes. That’s when I began to investigate further because that was very dishonest to me. His description is a heavy set older black man, usually wearing sun shades, name is R.J. Ferguson, his images can be seen on:

facebook here:,

and on instagram here:

or on gofundme here:

None of which is a legitimate charity and they’re not registered on any charity list. In fact, they have commandeered their name from a separate charity that is no longer as active, completely different altogether!

They have no license to sell anything and there are absolutely NO records kept by them of any kind as to how much money is made and where it all goes, and as shown by this somewhat sketchy video, is an enormous amount:

(No real charity behaves in this manner by the way)

Their address given is: 1938 Garden Rd. Pearland Texas 77581 and it is clearly a trailer park as can be seen from Google Maps Here:

<span title=",+Pearland,+TX+77581/@29.5735045,-95.3232863,289m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x8640a4d931e04c6d:0x66d4c45bfb7a80cc!8m2!3d29.5735862!4d-95.3232997,+Pearland,+TX+77581/@29.5735045… />
The number provided is his personal cell phone number (281) 746-8626 -Verified.

He has a business card that he hands out which doesn’t have his name, but says that he is a "Non-Profit Organization All About Autism Awareness" and on the back it reads "We Donate $200.00 to Autistic Kids Birthdays" and on many of his posts of social media he is often shown using some unknown child’s picture and flashing extremely large wads of cash.

A strange coincidence perhaps is that an autistic child was found dead in a pond only about 8 minutes from the trailer park of his address they’ve given. Death site here:

<span title=",+Pearland,+TX/6700+Fite+Rd,+Pearland,+TX+77584/@29.5626521,-95.3203414,4624m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x8640a4d931e04c6d:0x66d4c45bfb7a80cc!2m2!1d-95.3232997!2d29.5735862!1m5!1m1!1s0x864093cee1f1ee2f:0x8fe9e51de081807!2m2!1d-95.324615!2d29.5521256,+Pearland,+TX/6700+Fite+Rd,+Pea… />
There is no evidence linking these two as of yet, but it doesn’t seem to help me feel any more comfortable with these people as more information becomes available for which there is very little if any to go on at this time. Nobody seems to know anything except for several reports of them fist fighting in the streets and being run off by the police from one area of town to the next over the past 3 or 4 years or who knows how long exactly?

I would like either: 1) To have this "charity" verified as legitimate or 2) have them completely shut down, arrested and the money seized and given back to those for whom it was stolen from!

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