Sas Institute fake

Geoffrey –

Victim Location 38118

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Employment

Was contacted by someone allegedly from Sas Institute for a work from home position. The contact used a picture from a real SAS employee a his photo and kept texting phrases like trust me, this is a good job, you are a hood candidate and kept requesting payment by gift cards or cash deposited in Pelicoin atm to buy bitcoin. All said lost $850 for training material never sent and only receive replies that you still have to pay xxxx before we can reimburse you.

Anyone contacted by Sas Institute with to chat on Google hangouts or with am personal address that is not sap.con- this is a scam!! My advice- do not agree to be paid by bitcoin, do not send gift cards as payment, do not converting cash to bitcoin. All legitimate companies purchase training equipment upfront and don’t change terms.

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