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Michelle –

Victim Location 78753

Type of a scam Debt Collections

my grandmother has been receiving repetitive daily phone calls from 844-637-8831 telling her to give them her private information because they are an arbitration company to get money form her because she has a civil court complaint against her by household orchard bank. I finally called them back to get information. They said she owed over 3k on a credit card from 2004 but they would be willing to take a credit card payment for 1800$. They would not give us the name of the creditor, who issued the complaint, nor their contact information. They threatened to have the money taken out of her social security income in excess of the 3k for 10 years if she did not pay them, SAS over the phone. She has not gotten anything in the mail from any credit card company stating they needed payment. Also it was not listed on a recent credit check that we had done in December. When asked for their lawyers name and contact information they would not give it. They did have her name birthday and telephone number as well as the last four of her social, how they got that I do not know, but the addresses they had on file was incorrect. We did not give them her current address as the more we pressed for information the more threats came and it seemed as if it was a scam. When we said it appeared to be a scam the lady, Nicole, she became more threatening to take money from my grandmother because we were refusing to pay them. she stated that the were SAS associated group, but I can not find them on the internet as a legitimate company.

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