Sarah Alex Reviews - Sarah Alex Scam or Legit

Marie –

Victim Location 36877

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Hello…I wanted to share my story about what God did not allow to happen to me. I buy and sell clothes on this site called PoshMark. I was contacted through this site by this person name Sarah Alex. They told me that they were interested in some Wicker Baskets that I am selling and went on to ask me to contact them farther through email. Now I must say that PoshMark does warns us about doing business outside of their site because if you are scammed it’s beyond their control. However with all that being said, I did email this person not thinking that they were a scammer. They told me they wanted to buy the items that I was selling and on top of that they would pay me more than what I was asking for the product and give me an extra $50 for me holding the product for them. They told me to remove the product for being for sale off of the PoshMark site. They told me they were going to expedite a cashiers check to me in 24 hrs by UPS from their bank and arrange for their secretary to pick up the product that they were buying from me.They ask for my name and address and phone number to send the check and text me about setting up a meeting place to pick up their product. I received a check via FED EX on the next day and an email message and text message from them letting me know that I had received the package, that they had checked the tracking number. And instructing me to go ahead and deposit the check. They were even trying to get me to deposit the check by ATM/ Mobile banking. They continued to message me asking if I had made the deposit and to get back with them about the status of the deposit and how many days on hold, that the check should clear immediately or 24 hrs. . And they also asked me to take what was due to me for the products they were buying and to send the rest to them via to the Mover(Whatever that means). I realized it was a scam and messaged them back and told them they had the wrong number and I didn’t receive a check from them or no one else. I contacted the Church on the check via email to let them know what’s going on.

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