Sapphire Solution LLC

Katherine –

Victim Location 49616

Type of a scam Tech Support

After having hacker problems with our laptop computer, we found this company through an internet search and they claimed to be able to fix it. After allowing them remote access to our computer, and claiming it was fixed, they told us the charge was $249.99 and needed to be paid electronically through our checking account. When the computer stopped working a couple hours later and had the same issue, we called them back and told them we refused to pay them and would report them as a fraud and a scam if they charged us. They assured us that they would not charge us, but the $249.99 showed up as a charge in our checking account about 5 days later. When we tried to call them again to get them to reverse the charge, they hung up on us. Fortunately, our bank reversed the charge when we told them the company was a fraud.

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