Santa Monica Tickets Brian Baumwoll Reviews - Santa Monica Tickets Brian Baumwoll Scam or Legit

Mindy – May 25, 2020

This post is without any merit in fact Stubhub it is documented has sold thousands And thousands of Counterfeit tickets and NEVER reveals the source for the tickets they sell under any circumstances! File this one under FAKE NEWS

Angelica –

Victim Location 92678

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Brian Baumwoll of Santa Monica Tickets did not produce tickets for a concert via an internet sale on STUBHUB. He purported to have them at the venue Will Call, however they were apparently "double sold", or at the very least not placed in the name of myself, the buyer. I have contacted Stubhub and been subsequently reimbursed, however there are personal repercussions of this fraudulent transaction that go beyond the scope of money. I understand that unscrupulous people will eventually find other means to pursue their "careers" via breaches of contract, but I feel it is my duty to put up as many legal roadblocks as possible when personally affected.

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