San Diego Financial Insurance

Nicole –

Victim Location 92021

Total money lost $1,600

Type of a scam Employment

I was hired on as a financial service representative in early March. I was told to pay $100 for my life and health insurance book so I can obtain my licencse to sell insurance. I worked for the company for 4 weeks. They told us we would get paid every 5th of the month. Then they said we would get our check on the Monday the 7th. Checks came in and were witnessed to be given to Patrice, but she withheld them and stated she will give them to us on Wednesday the 9th and that the company will be temporarily shut down due to all the complaints and demanding of checks on Monday. We went back to the office after finding out the couple who own the "business" were complained about scamming other people in the same scenerio and the husband was a fugitive for criminal activity. The office had been cleaned out and all our files were completely gone. They had been staying with their personal assistant of 21 years old. She is now an accomplice in taking the money and skipping out with all our documents. Everyone of us who were hired have filed an alert out on our credit and social security and changed our bank information. Everyone has cannot pay their bills due to no pay check and them taking our information and using it to sell insurance to us thinking the company would pay for it and not us. People have negative bank accounts. I may have to file for bankrupcty because of this. We all worked very hard believing in this scam and have suffered greatly.

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