Samuel Akinhanmi

Brenda –

Victim Location 90056

Total money lost $6,000,000

Type of a scam Phishing

Samuel approached my software business as a representative of the University of Southern California. His claim was that the university needed some apps built and due to the sensitive nature of the student data that we would be working with, his consultancy that was co-owned by the university would need to temporarily acquire our business.

We made an air-tight contract that ensured my business partner and I would have the ability to hit the Eject button if we needed to since the deal was very non-traditional. However, upon signing over the business temporarily, Samuel altered our contract by changing dates, names, contingencies, and forging my signature then fraudulently applied for business loans–leaving my business partner and I massive debt. Once this came to light, we found that his consultancy did not exist prior to our acquisition and his balance sheet was completely falsified. It’s also unclear if the consultancy is part owned by the university.

Samuel’s MO is to cover lies with more lies, but he quickly gets caught up in them. We’re still finding more details, but it seems either his mother, Florence Akinhanmi is involved or he’s using her identity unknowingly to take out loans. To be determined.

We wanted to give this young Nigerian American a chance to break the stereotype, but he is a deceptive snake that should be avoided for any type of business transaction.

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