Grace –

Victim Location 48234

Type of a scam Employment

This company contacted through email. This is the communication we had. There were no phone numbers so I was able to speak to anyone. Lachlam Elsmore is the one who with HR her Email is [email protected]

David Favaloro is the manager and this is who I been working with since November 2014. They are located in Wholly Australia. They would send me packages and I will verify them by opening them up and snap a picture and send them a report. Once he got the report David will email me labels and I would label the packages and Take them to the Post Office and mail them off. David explained to me that this packages are shipped overseas by a ship. I don’t get why David said that it cheaper for them to send them(packages) to me and not directly to the customers. I was not sure if this was legal or not but it didn’t set right with me.when I sent David an email about my concern and he didn’t defend his company nor did he respond to anymore of my email even though I sent out all his packages he sent. I didn’t have to come out of pocket to start this position but I feel like he owe me for the dork I done for him. I just want to know if this a scam or not?

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