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Walter –

Victim Location 83702

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received this letter on April 8th notifying me of winning $4.5 million. I have not purchased a lottery ticket as indicated in a long while. This letter states that 5% of the winnings belong to Safeway Securities as the promotion company and further that if I can’t make it in person to pickup this ‘alleged’ winnings that a "diplomatic delivery charge of your cheque" will be assessed against the winnings "to be delivered in any part of the world." This letter states that I’m not to release this information to the public "to avoid unwarranted abuse of the program or fraudulent cliams by unauthorized person(s)." As you can see on the letter, it is stamped with US Government Approved" with a Washington D.C. address and a bar code.

Again I have not bought a lottery ticket, thus I didn’t fall for this scam. I want to let those who receive similar letters to not fall for this one. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE… DO NOT BE FOOLED!!!

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