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William –

Type of a scam Employment

2nd time found this girl Katrin Barth send me the application. There are several suspicious spots: 1. the website she gave has an unauthenticated source. 2. the company service only has pics no words description while you clicked. 3. Linkedin of the company doesn’t have information. 4. salary is too high and there was no much job requirement. 5. App missing information needed for employment

Miranda –

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from a woman claiming to be the HR manager for a company called Safe Logistics Inc. regarding a job opening for a financial manager position. They said that I was qualified for the job, and they described the job description and other factors they had to offer, such as an hourly rate of $29.50 for part-timers. I accepted the offer and kept in contact with the HR manager, hoping that this opportunity would lift some of my financial burdens (e.g. car loan, student loan, etc.). After I had accepted, the HR manager sent me documents such as a labour agreement form and an employment authorization form. Everything seemed so legitimate that I sent in my ID (in which I covered my DOB and ID# ); I also sent my direct deposit information. It was not till after I sent my information that I realized there was something suspiscious about the entire process. For starters, the HR manager asked me to add her on Telegram, and she was really eager for me to send her my documents. After I had sent my information, I was set for a phone interview with the "call center manager", and that was when I knew it was a scam. The "call center manager" did not give me her name, she kept on asking me about my banking info (e.g. if I used a chequing or savings account), and she said that my personal bank account would be used at one point in time to complete the job. I did not disclose anymore information about myself during the phone call. The hunch in my gut led me to do more research, and I found someone on Indeed who was also contacted by the same company. I asked her about whether or not it was normal for an HR manager to contact me through Telegram, and the person replied telling me NOT to keep in contact with that company anymore as she knows that terrorists use Telegram to get to others. I blocked the so-called HR Manager on Telegram, and I am now in talks to change my banking info with my bank.

Kendra –

Type of a scam Employment

My resume is posted on a credible job site where I received an onsite message/email about a employment opportunity. The website offers 3 preselected options when an employer reaches out so I selected "interested" in the offered job. I then received an additional email somewhat outlining the job they were offering, the full/part time positions, hourly pay. The email was missing 2 key components of the job however, the company name as well as the location of employment. I responded to the email asking to for the company name and location of employment (thinking it may have been an overlooked human error in the first message). The response came with the company name, a more detailed description of the job as well as the location of employment – home based. The company name provided actually did not match with the very first message I received, the out of home employment was suspicious considering the wage they were offering. I looked into the company "Safe Logistics Inc" and found an almost nonexistent online presence for a company claiming on their website to have been around for 20+ years. While I was on their website I did notice a couple small spelling errors, something unusual on a ‘well established’ international organizations website. Finally, the name of the individual emailing me was Katrin, however her ‘company’ email contained the name Kathrin, another small but overlooked detail. Based on what I encountered and similar things I seen online when looking up their company I believe this ‘shipping’ company was looking for an address to send packages to me and have me forward them on to additional locations. This company has no presence on corporate sites such as LinkedIn, no offices in Calgary or Alberta despite advertising as a shipping company. Additionally the number provided (area code from Quebec) is not in service.

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