SA Logistics LLC Reviews - SA Logistics LLC Scam or Legit

Chelsea –

Victim Location 98122

Type of a scam Employment

I found an ad for a "Order Processing Clerk" Job on Seattle on 9/14/2019. This was a reshipping scam job offer. I got an email with two PDF files; a job description file and a contractor’s agreement file. I ended up faxing the contractor’s agreement on 9/16/19 and then I got a phone call from a number that I no longer have on my phone but it could have been anyone really. It probably was not Edward Veney. They then told me I was going to start getting packages and they have an online portal where you can login with login info they sent me in an email to track the "packages". They use OnTrac tracking numbers for their "packages", which is a private delivery company in the Western United States. OnTrac seems like a legitimate company. SA Logistics, LLC is not.

The "contact person" was

Edward Veney

HR Senior Manager

SA Logistics, LLC.

801 Boxwood Dr

Wilmington, DE 19804 – This is not a real address!

Tel. #: +1 (302) 497-1065

Fax #: +1 (302) 497-3894

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