RX Topical Compounding Formulas

Nicolas –

Victim Location 70592

Type of a scam Other

My doctor has received two fake prescriptions for me by fax in the past two weeks. The company is RX Topical Compounding Formulas. We did a search for RX Prescriptions and found some veterinary software company. Another check today and I have found the vet software site has been taken down. It’s really worrisome that this company has my correct name and address as well as my doctor’s correct name, address, phone number, fax number, and NPI number. That last number is the ability to write prescriptions. What the company does NOT have is my correct insurance and personal info. Please let your doctor know to be aware of any prescriptions they get by fax; to double check them and make sure this is correct. The prescription my doctor received for me was for pain cream and scar cream. Both of which are totally bogus. The phone numbers on the prescription are an 844 number that I can’t track and a 561 number from Palm Beach, Florida. Please be careful. It looks like they are trying to get more detailed information about the patient.

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