Alicia – Jun 17, 2020

Victim Location 28640

Type of a scam Online Purchase

At first glance this company looks legit, but there are major signs of scamming all over the website!! Please look into this!!

My Mother was looking to purchase something on this website and has tried to call the number listed and only gotten a busy signal all day. Last night when she tried to call, an automated voice recording came on and said that they were unable to take her call. We investigated it further today and found that they have an address listed in Louisiana but the phone number comes up as Maxton, North Carolina in her cell phone. My Mother googled the address that is listed on their website and the address they were using was for LAMAR Advertising Company. So, my Mother decided to call the LAMAR Advertising Company listed at that address (5321 Corporate Boulevard, Baton Rouge, Louisiana- from scam website, no zip code listed on website) to see if they sold any items like the ones she was looking at buying, or if they had even heard of the online company that was listing their address. The lady from LAMAR Advertising said "No, that’s not us," and she believed it was a scam. The lady googled the website to get visual of the address that was listed on the website and she said, "Yes, that’s our address, but the only thing we sell is advertising for billboards." She also went on to say that she was going to report it to their IT Department.

This company also has everything listed as having 5 star reviews, but there is absolutely nowhere on the entire website that you can read an actual customer review!!

Allen – Jul 04, 2020

Thanks so much! Glad I found this. I Have 2 boys who have Autism and the youngest is still not potty trained. I want him to be used to pullups so we can not be stuck in the diaper stage however since hes not using the potty at all we really need the absorbency of a diaper. The ones he uses are out of stock everywhere and this site popped up when I was looking where to find them. I get suspicious of anywhere Im Unfamiliar with and as soon as I clicked on their site It all felt wrong. Decided to look into it first and found this. You are a lifesaver! Can not afford to be financially scammed! Thanks again so much!

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