Royal Tiny Paws

Emily –

Victim Location 07030

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I found this ad on Craigs list and called the breeder. The breeder then spoke to me about the puppy asking me what my home life was like and we spoke about meeting to exchange the money for the dog that day. She requested a 1,000.00 in cash as a family discount. I went to Petco in Totowa NJ. I met with her and the puppy. She requested that I give her the money $1,000.00. Even though the puppy is 1500.00 she would give me a friends and family discount if I paid cash. I went there with the money order and she stated then that the puppy was not ready and she would deliver to my home address on xmas morning instead. I refused to give her the money and showed her the money order. I told her the day she hands me the dog is when I will give her the money. I explained I was not going to give her 1000.00 as a deposit which was paid in full with no signed contract or anything. Just a promise that I would get the dog in a week. She took a picture of my license and sent me a picture of an expired military id as she was true to her word. She then stated she would send me a contract later that night signed. I then followed up with text messages and got no response but that the person I met was in the hospital and the puppy is no longer available. Sorry about that, but we understand you are upset. Really? Just before Christmas!

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