Royal Asset

Joel – Aug 09, 2020

Victim Location 73111

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Here is the exact message:

"This is Ricky Criswell calling back yet again. I’m assuming that you did not contact the firm after being made aware that there’s a claim being brought against you yet to receive a release order from them and I did give you the opportunity to contact the firm about this matter but apparently you’re not taking it serious. So I just went ahead and verified your address to present you with your formal claim. So you will have until I reach you personally to contact the firm about this matter. This is your last and final notification. I’m not gonna keep calling like this so if you have any final questions, I strongly recommend you contact the firm before I see you personally."

I do not owe any claims and I did research and there is no such case. I do not feel safe and this seems threatening to me. I am not sure how they got my daughter’s number and my friend’s number but they even called them looking for me. I did not give out any phone numbers.

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