Rover Client

Alicia –

Victim Location 29601

Type of a scam Employment

I am a new user of Rover and have my profile up for people to ask me to walk their dogs. This was my first request. His name was Darren Sherry. He went back and forth saying that he was the wife and the husband. He gave me four different numbers to contact him. He asked me to walk his dog 3 times a week for 20 mins. He had “just recently moved to my area” and needed to find a dog walker soon. I asked him if we could do a meet and greet before we officially assign the dog to be walked by me. He kept giving me different stories on why he couldn’t meet. Honestly from now on I’ll be more aware of this kind of thing. But he acted as if he was an elderly man and didn’t know how to message and use technology. So i gave him a chance. He told me he would send me a check for the next month’s portion of dog walking. It was suppose to be around $500 and it ended up being $1,995.

So he sent me the check. I didn’t take it to the bank. I reported it a scam on Rover and am reporting this check and address he sent this from.

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