Roland and Associates/American Income Life Tiffany Roland Office

Alyssa – Aug 05, 2020

Victim Location 68527

Type of a scam Employment

Initially received a phone message left from Roland and Associates in Omaha, NE. Name was Katie. Katie stated they had my resume and would like to speak about a career opportunity. Call came from 402-614-1438 but left a contact number of 402-319-4355.

I believe the caller possibly found my resume through LinkedIn. She had read off some of my experience as a manager. When called back, I inquired why the different phone number. (Typically phone numbers in a business share the same prefix?) Was told the outbound calls were from the 402-614-1438 number.

In discussion, was not provided much detail regarding this position. Was told I could work from my home but as a manager also partially report to the Omaha office when required. There would not be door to door, cold calls, etc.

Was allowed to pick a time from two days for an AM interview. Advised to dress in business casual and bring a copy of my resume. (Wondered why she needed the resume, as she already had a copy? Yet, it is not unusual to always bring a resume in an interview. Also wondered why she advised to not wear blue jeans. Common sense is to always dress business casual for an interview.)

I later received a text from 531-301-2256. Message stated “My name.. this message is to confirm your interview with AIL. We have you scheduled on Friday the 11th @ 10:15am. Office is 2809 south 160th street; Suite 201 Omaha, NE. We look forward to meeting with you. Reply (c) to confirm.

After reviewing peoples negative reviews regarding AIL’s business practices, I replied Decline.

Several reports from personnel is AIL would provide a free Child protection packet “Gruff House”. Then once in the home would sell life insurance. Typically for their children. Several reports of AIL customers were expressed the inability to cancel the policy, or not recieving return calls.

The biggest concern is no compensation was given unless a sale was made.

Andre –

I just received a phone call from this company. Was told that they liked my resume. Call came from 402-999-4559. I did my own research after the phone call and an e-mail. Telling me to bring a copy of my resume and to wear business attire. I decided to check them out on BBB & found no results. I background is all medical, they do have a Facebook page which is ok. But I had several red flags popping up. Especially when I couldn’t find them on BBB.

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