Rochelle Baptiste

Kate – Jul 05, 2020

Exact story as above – only it was regarding a green truck for $1,000. I kept the communication going as long as I could in order to gain more information, but she/they stopped responding. The email being used is: [email protected] She states that the sale will go through eBay, yet the email for “eBay” is: [email protected]

DO NOT EVER send anyone gift cards for payment of something. If buying through eBay, the vehicle needs to be listed on the website & the VIN will be available & the payment method will be secure with Paypal. No one was able to give any exact details of vehicle & always answered questions in a round about way or not at all.

I’m sure that they will change their emails & the names being used at some point. Be safe out there & do not be too trusting of anyone wanting your personal information or money up front.

Preston – Jun 13, 2020

Victim Location 29909

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Browsing through Facebook Marketplace I found a classified on a golf cart. The golf cart price was $800 and in mint condition. When I contacted Rochelle through email, she said that she moved to an Army base in Utah, her husband died of a heart attack, and she wanted to get rid of the golf car which reminded her of him. She said she did the classified ad through EBay and then sent me an invoice of the golf cart. The invoice requested that I pay only through 4 $200 EBay gift cards. I would have to pay via email only. When I looked up the golf cart in EBay, it was no where to be found. I sent an email to the person sending an email, this person stated that the golf cart does not fall in the same category as the EBay classified and “assured” me it was safe. My concern is that these people have my name, cell number, and address. I did not go through with it but the scammers almost got me. The invoice I received looked legit. Just like the EBay invoices. Due to that, I felt trustworthy. Thank goodness I heard a customer at a Kroger letting me know of scammers just like this one. This customer helped me realize that this “sale” was a scam.

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