Roberts Associates and CSI

Anne – Oct 28, 2020

I got a call today from Roberts and associates at my moms number. Called them back and they said I owed m&t bank from a loan back in 2011. I remember paying it off in full the remainder which was 4000$. Haven’t heard from them since up until now 9yrs later. I told them this and they said they haven’t sat on my case for 9yrs. They sent me a letter recently to settle for 1500. A letter I never got. They said do u have 1500 to pay us today. I said I’d need to look more into it. So I called m&t bank & I did have a balance of 500$. Tho they couldn’t tell me anything about any of my payments I made or why when they told me the balance and I paid the 4000 thinking that was it they didn’t contact me since. She couldn’t tell me any of that but did give me the collection agencies number It was sent too. That collection agency had a balance for me of 482. & said the other pl. couldn’t add on other fees like csi did. She also couldn’t tell me where my case went too so that didn’t help. When I called csi place back & asked to pay it in person so I know it’s legit w a receipt she said that wasn’t possible but she’ll talk to her client to see if they can lower the price and I’ll get an email to know their legit. She told me she can settle for 580. But I had an hr. To pay it or else they’d take me to court and charge me 3500. I got the email and couldn’t find anything from that csi company online. Then I looked up her email and someone w almost the same story as mine posted about them. This men said it was debt from years ago and they told him they sent a letter he never received. They said pay 1300 today or go to court and pay another 3100 on top of that. Then they said they can settle out of court for 500 but he had 2 hrs to send them the money. The numbers they gave him were almost identical to the numbers they gave me. Everything was the same down to them saying they need to speak to their client and threatening to garnish my wages & ruin my credit report for the next 10yrs.

Micah – Jun 30, 2020

Victim Location 95409

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Identical to scam listed below in April of this year.

Call made to my work number asking for my supervisor. Coworker informed me of call back number and file number. Caller told coworker if mine it was about a summons they tried to serve at home and failed.

I called number, spoke with Leslie who said collections agency CSI was suing me for an old credit card balance. Never received mail from CSI about thus although my correct address was quoted to me by Leslie. I told them ti send me a letter. Leslue said that CSI won’t send letter and unless I could pay $1360 today she would have to gather info including income and see if CSI would agree to a payment plan after that. I said I wouldn’t disclose any info just send letter about debt and if legit I would pay.

She sounded concerned that I not be sued if I could avoid it, then transferred me to abusive male who shouted at me and wouldn’t let me spesk, who was at collection agency supposedly.

Eventually I hung up on him after telling him I wouldn’t tolerate the abuse. Called Leslie back, informed her of interaction. She said she would email me letter for full payment to collectionagency that would have to be made today to avoid lawsuit. Email came from Amanda just like scam report if April 2020 No address, no contact number. Just logo of CSI. Many collectio companies called CSI all over country listed online, none with this logo. I called original creditor for which company they sold debt to and it was not this company.

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