Robert S Bromm

Rebekah – Sep 04, 2020

I too was scammed by this man, Robert S Bromm this year. I was on a dating site for one month and got a message from a guy who told me that this guy (Robert) was admiring me and wanted to meet me and he did not live far from me. (it was most likely one in the same person). The other guy told me that he was not on any dating site so he was thinking maybe he could email me his photos then I can decide if I like him or not otherwise he thought I will like him and give him a try. This is a test of FATE. DO NOT FAIL, he said 🙂 I saw no harm in emailing him and it took off from there. Yes, he needed money to complete his job in Africa and told him I had no money to help him out. This went on for 3 months of preparing me and one day he had me go into his Swiss bank account and of course, he had almost 3 million in there and then he wanted to transfer his money over into my bank account and then he realized it was frozen. He was from Ireland and had a granddaughter who was living with her grandmother. He had a boat and a nice dog. His wife and daughter were killed in an auto accident with her girlfriend and daughter. I felt like I was hypnotized by this man and was I freaking out giving him my bank account number and next thing I know all this money was coming into my account and was instructed to get money orders and mail to businesses and then had me to write 3 huge checks that were dumped into my account to send. Also, had to make an account with Bitcoin. I got a call from my bank to say it was all a fraud and ended up reporting it to the officials and had saved all correspondence and handed it over to them. I also lost my bank account and had to find another bank to take care of my business. I just wished I had seen this site in 2019. I did try to find him on the internet but could not. In Feb. 2020 was when I only had the dating site open for one month and all this happened to me. Everything this lady wrote about that happened to her mother-in-law happened to me and he had an answer for everything. I’m also divorced and trying to meet someone but have decided to stay off the dating sites for now. I hope they catch this guy so no one else has to go through all of this drama.

Raymond –

Victim Location 40422

Total money lost $6,000

Type of a scam Romance

My mother- in- law met this person on an online site thru another person on the web site. He Needed money to complete a job to come back to the states due to stolen luggage with computer, phone, watch. exct. She bought him a computer and phone and mailed it over seas. She spent 6000.00 and now he is asking for 15000.00 more in less than 24 hours. He knows all the right things to say and has ansewers for everyone of her questions. He didnt want me to tell my family. He wants money thru internet Bitcoin. She wanted to believe he was for real but he is not. She just lost her husband a few months back and is lonely. He says his wife and daughter were killed in care accident. He says he is in another country and he has froze all his bank accounts due to the stolen luggage. need help exposing this charater.

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