RKK Infosystems LLC

Kathleen –

Victim Location 23024

Total money lost $289.98

Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a fake email from the USPS, subject USPS notification #8343, stating “We’ve got a message for you. We have sent a message with the required information.” I clicked on the “More information” box and a scary pop-up alert was shown – “IPad Security Error” regarding a Zeus virus and Bourbon virus, and that I should call 1-866-801-4238 to report this threat, reference code r11608w2, to fix this issue. It further stated not to click the OK button (however only a CLOSE button was shown) as doing so will start a hacking tool. After I called this number the pop-up disappeared. I had been trying to trace a shipment and had previously received a USPS email. I regrettably thought that this fake USPS was a follow up. The Apple Support person (sounded like an India accent) told me that there was a charge for an extended lifetime warranty to cover my IPad and Mac Pro. A combined fee of $289.98, to fix the problem. The fee is transferable to any new replacement device that I may purchase in the future. I should call “Richard” the RAV Apple Support Tech, and keep him informed of any changes, such as adding a new computer or printer. After providing my MasterCard information, I allowed Richard access to my computer devices to fix the software problem. We logged into “secure.logmeinrescue.com, code 201316, to download software. He had 1/2 hour on each device. This allowed me enough time to finally become suspicious. When he called back, I did not answer, but he left a message to call him on 1-866-484-6333. I noted that my caller ID had a different number 800 Service 1-866-202-7231. A google searched this number that identified it as a pop-up computer repair scam: RKK Antivirus Support (not RAV Consulting Solutions Inc). I then called the real Apple Support on 1-800-692-7753 and was advised that Apple does not charge for Tech Support. We accessed both my IPad and Mac Pro. Deleted the software installed by Richard. Then installed a free malwarebytes app on the Mac. The scan could not find anything. Called my IDNotify/Experian, then MasterCard to report the scam, file a dispute, cancel my credit card, and requested a new card and number. I’m hoping Mastercard can Charge Back and return my money to my account. This is still on going as I’m finding new places to report this scam, such as the BBB. I do have an email invoice (with misspellings) dated Mar 3, 2019 from

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