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Kelly –

Victim Location 23322

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Online Purchase

A few days before Christmas we were looking for a Great Dane for our kids. I typed in Great Dane Breeders in our area and Riverlands Great Dane pngage popped up. After looking at the dogs they "had" I emailed and asked about two of them. They replied that both were ready for new homes. I was sent contracts to fill out, sign, and submit to them. Once they received them they asked me to wire payment via a Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart/Money Gram method. Once they received the money I was given shipping details followed shortly by an email from the company that would be shipping my dog about how we now needed to pay another $990 on top of the $800 we had already wired due to the dog carrier provided not being approved by the airline for shipment. My wife called the airline that was listed on our shipping invoice and was told no dog was checked in and that what the "breeders" were telling us was very false. She provided the airline the shipping information and tracking email we received and was told more that none of the information matched for shipment of a "live animal" and that we were likely the victim of a scam. The airline stated they had seen a lot of these in the last few months. Once we contacted the "breeder" to explain we had called the airline to confirm the dog was still there, the "breeder" stopped all communication back to us.

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